Mediation Service

Mediation Service

We provide mediation and counselling services for families and divorcing couples to assist in resolving disputes. The disputes may involve among other things, separation, children and financial issues.


James White has over 27 years experience in Family Law and is accredited as a Specialist in Mediation Law approved by the Queensland Law Society. He is Nationally Accredited as a mediator and is a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Provider able to issue 60l Certificates relating to parenting disputes.

He has conducted over 1000 mediations in the areas of FAMILY LAW, retail shops leases, building disputes and residential tenancies matters. Click here for Mediator Profile.

Why mediation?

Disputes and conflicts are a fact of life these days. When they’re between family members the effects can be devastating. Unresolved disputes can consume considerable time and money while causing severe stress to all those involved.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a quick, cost effective way of resolving disputes and conflicts. It may also minimise the risk of conflicts in the future. It can save or re-establish important relationships and may prevent the need for legal action.

How does it work?

Mediation is a cooperative decision-making process in which qualified and impartial mediators helps family members resolve their differences. The structured process of mediation provides a safe and supportive environment in which each participant can have their say. Mediation is voluntary and confidential.

Mediation is an alternative method to resolve disputes without going to court. A neutral person assists parties in negotiating a fair and acceptable agreement. Mediation is significantly less costly both financially and emotionally and disputes are usually resolved very quickly, often in a matter of hours.

It is essentially a form of facilitated negotiation. The essence of the process is that the parties take responsibility for making the decisions that affect them. It is a self-empowering process.

Our Services Include:

  • Family Dispute Resolution
  • Parent/Adolescent Mediation
  • Post Separation Parenting
  • Family Relationship Counselling
  • Division of Property
  • Financial Counselling
  • Mediation Training
  • Referrals to other legal and health professionals
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